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The Law Office of Rex Pietrobono offers more than 30 years of experienced, compassionate and hard-fought legal representation on behalf of adults and juveniles alike. He is recognized as one of New York State’s premiere resources for highly effective and strong legal defenses against drunk driving, speeding tickets and criminal law charges. With his office located in Bedford, New York, County of Westchester, he personally covers the surrounding Counties of Putnam, Rockland, Dutchess and Orange. Rex has managed to create a successful community practice with a strong regional presence for DWI and Criminal Defense and statewide reputation for Traffic Ticket Defense results.

Arrested Criminal Charges

Mr. Pietrobono has dedicated his professional career to successfully representing persons accused of DWI / Drunk Driving and is considered among the best DWI / DUI / Drunk Driving defense attorneys in the Hudson Valley New York area (see, Client Reviews and Awards.) He has defended physicians, lawyers, engineers, military personnel, teachers, stay-at-home moms and dads, executives, financial managers – essentially people from every walk of life. Rex represents many extraordinary young people charged with these crimes.

Special statutory protections are in place to help ensure their futures remain bright despite youthful indiscretions (e.g., Youthful Offender (“YO”) treatment is available in many cases). Recent substantial changes have been made to the Criminal Procedure Laws to further embrace the right to due process for defendants or “Principals” of the Case. These laws are paramount to effective criminal case work and pursuit of a successful strategy and theory of the defense. The particular needs and potential consequences of charges for each client outside of the court must be likewise considered and factored into the overall defense strategy and ultimate disposition.

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Rex helps defend people who made errors in judgment. We are all human and we all make mistakes. No one plans to be arrested for DWI – that’s one of the many differences from other crimes or areas of law. By and large, these are very good people who made the mistake of drinking a little bit too much (or, perhaps a lot) and chose to operate a motor vehicle likely thinking they were “okay to drive.” Many of his clients are first time offenders. These extraordinary individuals have careers, families, education, and lead otherwise ordinary lives – this is their first time being arrested and prosecuted for a crime and it is understandably scary. Rex summarizes: “I deeply enjoy helping others and am very good at what I do. I am paid well, am competitive and I don’t mind a difficult, but fair fight at all.”

Under the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law, reckless driving is a serious misdemeanor traffic violation; arguably second only to the several alcohol and drug related offenses.

Since alcohol and erratic driving go hand-in-hand, it is not uncommon for a reckless driving arrest to be accompanied by a DWI charge. Interestingly and fortunately for the defense, intoxication, absent more, does not establish reckless driving. One can certainly engage in reckless driving without being intoxicated and, conversely, one can drive while intoxicated without engaging in reckless driving.

Specifically, “reckless driving” charges issue under VTL 1212 when an officer has reasonable cause to believe that a motorist drives or uses any vehicle in a manner which “unreasonably interferes” with the free and proper use of a public highway, road, street, or avenue, or unreasonably endangers users of a public highway, road, street, or avenue. The mental state required for the People to prove their case is that the defendant was aware of a risk and unjustifiably disregarded it. As in all criminal cases, the People burden of proof is as to each and every element of the offense charged “beyond a reasonable doubt.” The statute does not provide specific definitions of “unreasonably interferes” or “unreasonably endangered.” Those terms have variously defined by the courts and greatly depend upon the facts presented in each case. Some examples of reckless driving charges might include – excessive speed, causing an accident, allegations of racing, weaving in and out of traffic lanes, etc.

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All of these areas of his practice are governed by the same voluminous code of rules; i.e., the NYS Criminal Procedure Law and governing case law (some of which his cases have contributed) . Your attorney must fully know the New York Criminal Procedure Law before they can recognize whether or not their clients’ rights are being violated. There are many questions and unknowns in these kinds of cases and can be a highly stressful period of time in the accused’s life and Rex enjoys making these most difficult situations easier for them.

Thus, Criminal Law, or more importantly, Criminal Procedure Law (CPL) is his law firm’s priority area of Law practice. The CPL is a great neutralizer and intended guarantor of justice since its compliance is strictly enforced (or at least, should be.) Your attorney must know the rules before he or she can recognize whether they are being violated! Any lawyer merely dabbling in these areas is doing their client an injustice simply because it may look easy to them (perhaps at that moment; but, not if things go south). That is the reason Mr. Pietrobono has focused his law practice to Criminal Defense, DWIs and Traffic Tickets.

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