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The Law Office of Rex M. Pietrobono
Traffic and Criminal Law Cases

Traffic and Criminal Law CasesIn addition to the very best in traffic ticket defense in New York, my firm can go to court without you having to appear there at all!

Going to court can be stressful, time-consuming and worst still – bad for your case.  Abraham Lincoln said it – “He who represents himself [or, herself] has a fool for a client!” Our clients sign an Authorization like the one below which allows us to deal with most traffic tickets by ourselves for you.

We all have emotions and fears which can easily “cloud” even the most intelligent person’s thinking when their OWN financial, emotional, or mental “liberty” is questioned!

Traffic and Criminal Law CasesAs most go to a physician when they feel pain, a person should also go see an attorney when they have legal issues.

The best decision a person can make is to allow an experienced trained professional to assist them in the resolution of a legal matter impacting their driving record; particularly, when the “weight” of the criminal justice legal system is brought into play.

Issues which come up at court often require split second decision making on questions to ask or answers to give.  And, remember, what the motorists says is an “admission.”

Listen to what just a few clients have to say about our legal defense services for traffic tickets:

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Rex Pietrobono: Providing Dedicated Legal Representation for Traffic Tickets in New York for Over 30 Years. We treat every case with the utmost importance—because it truly is!

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