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Defending Youthful Offender

It can be a parent’s nightmare realized – son or daughter arrested! What do you do now? Immediately call The Law Office of Rex M. Pietrobono at (914) 301-7500 and let me help you and your child. I am very proud of my record of success because I enjoy what I do; i.e., helping people who make mistakes – and this theme particularly applies to “youths” (a person charged with a crime alleged to have been committed when he or she was at least sixteen (16) years old and less than nineteen (19) years old.

These kids come into my office with a parent, scarred and confused (not always – but they will be!) My goal is treatment first, (when needed), then reduced or eliminated charges, lesson learned, and finally, the sealing of their record so they are unencumbered for the rest of their lives.

helping clientsIn my opinion, this is the best age to make big mistakes; we just don’t want them punished for it for the rest of their lives! Because of this reality, they may be eligible for some procedural breaks, such as an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal (ACD) wherein after six to twelve months free from arrest having the charges dismissed, non-criminal pleas, or “Youthful Offender” (YO) status, confidential proceedings, and the sealing of their records. YO status is granted at sentencing in the interest of justice and is meant to relieve the eligible youth from the burden of having a criminal record.

I have personally helped many youthful clients throughout Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess and Rockland Counties following their arrests commonly for: DWI, assault, shoplifting, trespass, driving with a suspended license, possession of marijuana, heroin and drug paraphernalia, reckless driving, drag racing, excessive speeding tickets, etc.

The good news is that they all got through that most difficult time and so can you! I have worked hand-in-hand with many substance abuse (OASAS certified) counsellors and private therapists, to address the underlying problems, if any, and then demonstrate that effort to the court and the prosecution seeking their cooperation – which they typically are willing to give when they can. It has always been one of the most satisfying aspects of my legal practice and my honor to represent your young loved one.

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Rex Pietrobono

Experienced Attorney in New York | Protecting Youthful Offenders for Three Decades. With a focus on compassionate and effective representation, aims to secure the best possible outcomes for youthful offenders in New York.

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