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Missed my pretrial thought it was tomorrow but it was on Tuesday for speeding in Yorktown nyI took off work for tomorrow as I read the date wrong. The date was 3/12/19. Will I get a warrant?

Rex’s answer: I suspect that you may be mistakenly using the date on the traffic ticket (for a timely plea of not guilty or guilty) for an actual court date. Or, if it was the pre-trial date you missed, then you should immediately contact the court clerk and ask for guidance on remedying your default.

Should I plead guilty or not guilty for passing a school bus?: I was driving home from work after working third shift and it was during a terrible snow storm, I could barely see five feet in front of me. While on my way home, I was driving down a four lane highway when I passed the school bus. It was parked on the opposite side of where I was driving. I didn’t see the bus until the last minute because of the weather and I wasn’t paying attention to the opposite side of the road anyway. I was pulled over and given a ticket. I told the officer that I wasn’t paying attention and he quoted that on my ticket.

Rex’s answer: Well, these are serious cases insofar as traffic matters go and you don’t want a conviction for it on your record. So, in my opinion pleading guilty is a mistake. Consider hiring an attorney familiar with the court – much better chance of success than the motorist themself in this situation.

What should I do?: I just got a speeding ticket going 105 in a 55. This is my first time dealing with the law and I do not know what to do. I still have the mailing form. Where do I go from here?

Rex’s answer: While it may or may not be an arbitrary number, once you cross the 100 mph level it becomes a much more serious matter before the local prosecutor and court. Hiring an experienced traffic ticket defense attorney would be much more prudent than the accused motorist electing to defend themselves with likely improbable explanations for such a high speed.