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As an attorney, Rex Pietrobono has worked hard since 1990 to develop one of the best traffic ticket and criminal defense firms in the lower Hudson Valley area.

Mr. Pietrobono gained much of his vast litigation experience both as a former Town prosecutor (over 2,500 traffic tickets) and a defense attorney (defended many more since 1990). The Law Office of Rex M. Pietrobono is one of the first firms in New York to concentrate primarily on defending persons charged with any traffic ticket, offense, or crime — from speeding tickets to a suspended license, among others, and some of the most challenging DWI cases. You can read some Client Reviews here or check them out others online at Google, Avvo and Yelp:

“5 stars not enough for Mr Pietrobono , He deserve a lot more !! He never let me down , not in speeding or other violation tickets , always delivered great result . i dont get so upset about getting tickets any more . Mr pietrobono will take care of it without me even have to go to court or to appear in person in simple words , he is all you need if you ever got a ticket ! that is it.” NL

“There is no better than Rex! — That is really all you need to know. That said, Rex has flawlessly handled a few cases on my behalf. Here is why I will always trust and hire him: 1) Communication: He is very responsive and has put a very streamlined process in place. 2) Ease: After completing a simple document or two, Rex handles everything! I never have to see a courtroom or ADA. 3) Results: The outcomes have all been to my satisfaction.” GK

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Along with his vast statewide network of like-minded and experienced New York speeding and traffic ticket attorneys, the Law Office of Rex Pietrobono can successfully handle your NY ticket in any Town and City Court anywhere in the State of New York.

Without professional assistance, navigating tickets effectively can be challenging. A common mistake at the outset is for a motorist receiving a speeding ticket is to immediately pay the fine so they don’t have to think about the matter anymore. However, that will usually come back to haunt them since a fine can only be imposed by the court when the motorist first pleads “guilty” to the offense as charged – then points are then added to their license. If this scenario repeats itself within eighteen months, they may have accumulated a significant number of points on their driving record which could have far-reaching and catastrophic license or driving privilege consequences.

Rex Pietrobono

Rex Pietrobono: Providing Dedicated Legal Representation for Traffic Tickets in New York for Over 30 Years. We treat every case with the utmost importance—because it truly is!

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Ten Reasons To Hire Us For Your Speeding Ticket:

  • No firm has a better record of success in traffic ticket defense than we do!
  • We have an abundance of experience and knowledge to defend you!
  • We treat every matter as if it were the most important case we have!
  • We are passionate about what we do and are grateful for our client’s trust!
  • We fight hard for all of our clients and always seek the best results!
  • Our fees are affordable!
  • We respond promptly to all communications from our clients!
  • We go to court on your behalf for traffic tickets so you don’t personally have to go!
  • Our abilities and results can save you money well beyond our fee!
  • Our goal is to always keep you on the road and your record as clean as possible!

In terms of auto insurance premiums, companies typically conduct annual reviews of driving records of their insureds in order prior to renewing policies. Insurance companies calculate the prospective rates according to the number of points on an insured’s driving record. If the motorist or a member of their driving family have more points, then their insurance premium are likely to increase. Unfortunately, insurance providers identify such an insured with numerous speeding tickets as an increased potential hazard for automobile accidents and therefore, high risk.

Because of those far reaching consequences and many, many more – motorists should strongly consider hiring counsel to assist them throughout the courtroom process. While you may have a family lawyer or friend trying to “help out,” that may cause more harm than good. You cannot afford to rely on a lawyer not extremely well-versed in NYS traffic laws. In traffic offense cases in most NY traffic courts, Mr. Pietrobono or an associated lawyer will seek to work out a resolution or go to traffic court WITHOUT YOU EVER HAVING TO APPEAR IN THE COURTHOUSE! That way, you need not miss a half or full day’s employment or school for court AND get the best NYS traffic attorneys working on your behalf.! Rex Pietrobono is simply the best choice to conveniently fight your traffic tickets and resume your usual day-to-day life.

Therefore, it is important to have an attorney represent you from the earliest stages of the case (in fact, some clients call me immediately from the road after being issued a summons.) My firm can help those charged with traffic violations avoid the expensive, time consuming and frustrating ordeal involving court appearances, fines, and penalties that could have a devastating effect on your driving privileges, employment, education, finances, and well-being. In virtually all cases, with non-criminal traffic offenses, we can handle your matter anywhere in the State of New York without you having to be present and do a great job for you. You won’t be disappointed!

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Rex Pietrobono

Rex Pietrobono: Providing Dedicated Legal Representation for Traffic Tickets in New York for Over 30 Years. We treat every case with the utmost importance—because it truly is!

Call Now For A Free Initial Case Evaluation - (914) 301-7500