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A dismissal is different than a reduction, however, they do have very similar results insofar as one’s driving record is concerned. A dismissal or a parking ticket will not show up on your four-year DMV record. Of course, a dismissal is always best. It will be deemed a nullity as if it never occurred.

How Does One Know If They Must Pay The DRA, A Driver’s Responsibility Assessment?

The DRA, which is the driver’s responsibility assessment, is a creation for the benefit of the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. The Department of Motor Vehicles will send a bill for the DRA and give you the opportunity to either pay it all in one lump sum payment or spread out to three payments over three years. Either way, the motorist has to address it within a limited time frame or DMV will suspend. A potential problem often arises at this stage because many motorists move around the area but fail to keep their address current with the DMV.  The DMV will typically mail one notice, one time – that’s it.  If it’s not forwarded to the motorist or they simply don’t receive it and it’s not paid – they get suspended.

What Happens If I Do Not Pay The DRA?

It just so happens that the New York State DMV is the one agency that has the right to grant, deny, suspend, or revoke someone’s license or privilege to drive in New York State. As you can imagine, if a motorist owes money to the New York State DMV and they are in control of whether or not they’re going to renew your license – they won’t until all your debts are paid or payments are current. It’s always best to pay to the DRA. It’s even better not to get one in the first instance via good defense work or better driving.

If you don’t pay, your license or privilege to drive in New York will be suspended.  If you are pulled over for another traffic infraction while a suspension is in place you’re facing an unclassified misdemeanor charge of driving while suspended. You can be arrested and taken into custody, or issued a desk appearance ticket and released. Your vehicle is typically towed away from the scene (with you incurring the cost of said towing and storage). You have the arrest charge and traffic infractions to deal with too.

If I Don’t Have My New York State License, Do I Still Owe Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee To The DMV?

The DMV policy states that driving in New York State is a privilege, not a right.  A motorist who is not licensed in New York State, yet still drives New York, does so upon such a “privilege” to drive here with their valid out-of-state license.

If an out-of-state motorist (or even an unlicensed motorist) violates Vehicle and Traffic in New York – they’re answerable for those alleged traffic infractions. An official DMV record is generated and created for the operator and an identification number is assigned to them whether they’re licensed here or not.

Any motorist will be suspended for three speeding convictions from tickets issued within 18 months of each other.  They can also be suspended for non-payment just as quickly as any resident motorist of New York would be. Their record per their identification number in New York would show that they’re suspended for failure to pay a fine, not appearing in court on a traffic ticket, or failing to pay DMV their DRA. If an out-of-state motorist returns to New York and get pulled over, they risk being arrested for driving while suspended. Also, they will likely have trouble renewing their own home state driver’s license until their New York State record has been cleared of any suspensions. And, often, points from New York will be added to their home state record as well.

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